Trinity Baptist Church

Worship God. Grow together.
Make a difference.

Trinity Baptist Church

Welcome to Trinity

We’re so glad you stopped by.

Rooted in the heart of Manhattan with over 150 years of history, we are a historic church with a vision for today. Like the bustling streets of NYC, we’re always moving, always evolving. At Trinity, you’ll find a vibrant mix of faces, stories, and hearts—all united in their journey to find and follow Jesus. Explore God’s Word with us and discover its timely wisdom for today’s world.

Whether you’re just curious, deconstructing, or deeply rooted in faith, come as you are. There is a place for you here.
Welcome home.

At Trinity, our heartbeat is simple.

We walk alongside people as they explore faith and become followers of Jesus through three core values:

Worship God

Our worship is a heartfelt celebration deeply rooted in our commitment to honor God as the central focus of our purpose on earth and in our church. Our Sunday gathering is more than an event; it’s a manifestation of our faith and dedication to God where we reinforce our communal bond in glorifying Him.

Grow Together

Beyond worship, we deeply value the personal growth of every individual in their walk with Christ. We challenge each other, support one another, and grow collectively in understanding and living out our faith. As we navigate the ups and downs of life, we’re committed to ensuring that no one walks alone.

Make a Difference

Acting on our faith means stepping out and making tangible changes in our world. We are driven by God’s profound call for justice and compassion. We’ve identified three crucial areas where our efforts can make an impact: addressing immigration challenges, combating homelessness, and supporting initiatives in Rwanda.

Watch Online

We’re thrilled to offer Livestream Services for our Trinity community on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. Whether you’re traveling, feeling under the weather, or simply can’t make it in person, our online broadcast ensures you won’t miss a moment of our shared worship experience.

Get Involved

Dive into the heart of Trinity by actively participating in our community. Whether it’s through joining a ministry, contributing to an outreach, or offering your unique skills in worship, there’s a space for your passion here. Your involvement doesn’t just add to our story; it helps shape our shared journey. You are a vital part of our community. Join us!